The fast food community zine

Preorders are now open, if you would like to purchase a copy of the zine!

PREORDER on our Etsy page HERE

The closing date for preordering the zine will be on the 18th October.

This is a project comprised of 8 artists and 3 curators to create a zine focused on online dating and the assumptions we make about people.

The zine will be an A4 printed art book, shipped to your door.

The zine will be produced on a made to order basis, to reduce waste and will be printed by mixam. This means that your zine will be shipped asap after the close date for preorders on the 18th October.

15% of the proceeds will be donated to Salty, “a 100% independent, membership supported newsletter, bouyed by the voices of women, trans and non binary contributors from all over the world.”

The zine features are work ranging from digital drawing, traditional painting, poetry, collage and more.

The artists included are:
unattainable blonde
Emma Cox
India Childs
Lewis Lenk
Susannah McDougall
Ruby Scutter

The curators of the zine are Issy Stephens, Ash Tomkins and Nella Gocal.

We are taking every care to ensure the zine is made using high quality paper and the reading/viewing experience of it will be accessible and enjoyable.

The zine contains language and images that may be inappropriate for younger viewers.

Please remember this zine will not come immediately, but will be shipped shortly after the deadline for preorders. Please allow up to two weeks for the zine to arrive after the preorders have closed on the 18th October.